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Answers to a few questions about architecture as a career path.


Being and becoming an architect

• Civil engineering vs. Architecture

• Interior design vs. architecture

• What are architects like?

• Physics and architecture, pt.1

• Physics and architecture, pt. 2

• How to get an architecture job with no experience?

• Architecture and getting a graduate degree

• Can you become more creative?

• Architecture and photography

• What does an architecture consultant do?

• Architecture school and becoming a designer

• How much math does an architect do?

• Interior Design and a master of architecture

• Architecture school curriculum

• Making an architecture portfolio


What’s the best architecture school?

• Architectural Record | America’s Best Architecture Schools

• Arch Daily | United States Best Architecture Schools

• | Best Arch. Schools with Undergraduate Programs

• Americas Best Architecture and Design Schools


Where should I go to architecture school?

• | How to choose an architecture program

• | What degrees do you need to be an architect


List of accredited architecture programs

• NAAB | Find an Architecture Program


Should you be an architect?

• Take the architects aptitude test

• Take the architects IQ test

• Architect Quiz


Web Resources

• ArchCareers.Org

• NCARB becoming an architect

• | How to become an architect